Upton Country Park Visitors Centre

Location: Upton, Poole, Dorset

Client: Poole Borough Council

Type: Leisure, New Build


DESCRIPTION: LMA Architects were invited by Poole Borough Council to submit proposals for a new Welcome Centre located in the prestigious grounds of Upton Country Park.  


LMA Architects undertook a thorough analysis of the pedestrian desire lines and site constraints to propose a design solution that acknowledges the key routes and site environs to accompany the sensitive nature of the site.   


The curved timber clad wall invites users into the building and acts as a key focal point to the park. The sweeping floating roof allows light and ventilation deep into the plan creating a space that connects with the wooded setting.  We seek to use natural sustainable materials and rendered straw bale walls create a robust structure that absorbs and releases heat into the building. Glass viewing panels inserted into the straw will be an exciting way to demonstrate the structural build-up of the proposals to the public.

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